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School Year

1st Term
April -
Entrance Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
May -
Sports Festival
Jun -
July -
Closing Ceremony
Summer holidays(7/21-8/31)
August -
Summer Challenge(12th grade)
2nd Term
September -
Opening Ceremony
Summer Lecture(11th grade)
October -
School Festival
November -
December -
Closing Ceremony
Winter holidays(12/25-1/7)
3rd Term
January -
Opening ceremony
Ski School(10th grade)
School Excursion(11th grade)
February -
Entrance Examination
March -
Commencement Ceremony
Closing Ceremony
Spring holidays(3/25-4/6)


main building

Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology is the only national high school of science and technology in Japan, and is affiliated with Tokyo Institute of Technology. The school is a co-educational high school (grades 10 - 12) with approximately 600 students, and is located in the central area of Tokyo, next to Tamachi Station (JR Yamanote Line).

Educational Philosophy

Tokyo Tech High School fosters students with fundamental academic skills, practical abilities, international perspectives, knowledge and appropriate manners necessary as members of society, and also develops students’ independence and creativity so that they can contribute to society with scientific and technical comprehensive thinking abilities.

Special Features of Tokyo Tech High School

Tokyo Tech High School offers advanced science and technology education that connects high school to university education. As a high school associated with a national university, we have a mission to conduct educational research looking ahead into the future.

We have been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) four times since 2002 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), to nurture “human resources in science and technology who will be internationally active” through conducting new types of project studies. We were also designated as a Super Global High School (SGH) by MEXT in 2015 for five years, to nurture “global technical leaders specialized in science and technology”. All students are required to conduct research of their interest in a “Project Study” in their particular field of study, and present their results on and off campus.

We offer high school education with the objective of fostering human resources who will build science and technology of the 21st century in cooperation with people around the world.

Collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology

In collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology (TITECH), we conduct research on science and engineering education. In addition, TITECH faculty members give students firsthand experience of leading-edge science and technology through lectures as well as in providing advice to students in their Project Studies.

Fields of Specialization

Tokyo Tech High School has five fields of specialization: Applied Chemistry, Information Systems, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, and Architectural Design. Students study general subjects in 10th grade, and divide into these fields of specialization in 11th grade. Students conduct full-scale experiments and lab work, and acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in their specific field, which are not possible at regular high schools.

International Activities

Tokyo Tech High School has Agreements for Cooperation with Kasetsart University Laboratory School in Thailand and De La Salle University Integrated School in the Philippines, and conducts international exchange annually with these two schools. In addition, we have conducted joint project studies with and study trips to Kaohsiung Senior High School in Taiwan, well as study trips to other countries, including Malaysia, People’s Republic of China, the United States, and Australia. Furthermore, we have actively participated and have received awards in many international fairs, including the International Student Science Fair, Singapore International Mathematics Challenge, the Korea Science Academy Science Fair, and the Thailand-Japan Student ICT Fair. We will continue to proactively participate in international exchanges, fairs, competitions and joint projects.